Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogs and what they are good for

Blogs, they are used for a lot of things today.
Journals, News reports, to express what you think about special events and much more.
No one really knows why they are here and since when they actually started, they are just there.

Me personally I haven't written a lot of blogs, I just started, but I think it is a lot of fun to write about what you think and then let everybody take part in it.

So what do you need to even start a blog, first thing is, a web page where you can publish your blog. Next step is to think of a blog topic, which you will write about and then publish into the Internet. Then last step is to write as much as you want to, about your topic so that it is good and readable to everyone else and the publish it.

But Blogs aren't just there to write something in the internet. Blogs can also help us to improve our English. They help to express yourself better over text and help you to develop a clear and readable language. Then they help us to learn to write long passages and keep on writing. Instead of not knowing what to write and just stop writing

Me personally I love my weekly blog. It is fun and has helped me express myself differently.

So now I want to hear what you think. Do YOU like blogging? If not, why do you note like it?What can be done to improve blogging even more?

Friday, May 14, 2010

everybody being equal

This world is pretty much separated into three kinds of ranks for the people.
The one's on the top are of course the rich people and celebrities.
In the middle there are the "normal" people that have all they need and are very promising with their life.
The third rank, includes the people that have to fight a battle of life and death everyday, trying to get something to eat. These people are mostly found in the third world countries, but also in every other places as well, where you wouldn't even think of looking.

So this makes you think, why are the people at the first rank any better than the people at the third rank. What have the accomplished that they are that high up and the other one's are not.
Yes they are celebrities and have made great movies and have huge houses and a lot of money, but they aren't any different from the person as the one's at the 2nd or 3rd rank.

Me personally, I think that this is just dumb and everyone should be put on a same level as a person.You shouldn't think of celebrities better, just because they have a lot of money and made a lot of movies. Inside they are the same as that little poor man dying because he can't get anything to eat, in Ethiopia. why can't everyone just be a normal person?

If you know an answer to this, feel free to write a comment.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Facebook, Twitter, Skype .......

Chat rooms, teenagers couldn't live without them today. They are the way people communicate today. There are so many of them that you sometimes lose count, but without doubt the most popular ones are Facebook, twitter, Skype or msn. Everyone of them is used for the same purpose, chatting. So at one point at time you wonder which one is the the best and why?

so here is what i think.
My personal favorites are Skype and Facebook. They both have something different and yet the same. For instance in Skype you can chat and even call people over voice or even over video. So it works as a internet telephone and chat room.
Now to Facebook.
Facebook can work as a chat-,play-and get to know room. You can of course chat with people. But Facebook has a variety of Applications as well. Such as games or quizzes that for instance test your IQ or even test that if you were in a comic book which one would it be. Something that you can do on Facebook but not on Skype is for instance make your own profile. In your profile you can write in it your hobbies, favorite movies ......
So because of this it can also be a place where you can get to know people that like the same stuff that you wrote down in your profile and join groups that like the same things that you do.

But looking at both Skype and Facebook in summary, this is my conclusion.
Overall Facebook gives you much more features, but everyone can see your profile and your pictures even if you don't want them to.
So if you are looking for a chat room that is more private, then your pick would probably go to Skype.
But if you really want to have fun while you chat and play games then Facebook is your thing.

So either one you pick, they are all made for the same purpose, chatting.
Then it doesn't make a difference if it is Skype, Facebook, Twitter or any of the others

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

if i could pick one place in the world to go, where would it be?

Vacations and travel, they both have something in common. Both of them, help us fly away from the stress that we experience every day. Most of the time we “flee”, from whatever surrounds us at home and from everyone else. Often we go really far away and to a beautiful place somewhere . Trips though don't have to be for the reason to flee from home it can also simply be just to relax and enjoy the worlds precious sights.

So either way I was thinking, if I would go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Of all the beautiful places, that, at one time I would love to explore, the one place I always wanted to go to was Hawaii.

Just to picture the beautiful coast line, ocean, beaches and much more, it just makes me want to go there so badly. On the one side it is a great place to learn about the interesting Hawaiian history on the other side you can just go to the beach and get a tan, if you feel like it.

But the number one reason why I want to go to Hawaii is because of the amazing surf conditions. Hawaii is the most beautiful surfing places in the world, in my opinion. It is the birth place of surfing and all the great surfers in their life just have to go to Hawaii at least one time in their lives. It holds the record for the biggest waves that have ever been surfed. Surfing is holy to the Hawaiians and it surrounds all of the Hawaiian islands.

So there are all these amazing activities on Hawaii, that at some time you can't think of anything else. You dream of the beauty of Hawaii, the water,the sand and all that surrounds Hawaii.

I call it the Hawaii fever. You love it, you want to take part in this amazing natural wonder that you forget everything around you. This is what happened to me, in my dreams I imagine taking my surf board and running into the waves and going surfing, being able to go there where so many were before me, that it hurts me to wake up. But at one point of my life this won't be a dream anymore, at one time it will be me on those waves and then I can't wait to wake up and do it again.

So if I would pick my place in the world to be I would love to go to Hawaii, forget everything and enjoy the beautiful islands with my friends and family.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

is Justin Bieber the new "King of Pop"

Michael Jackson, he is known as the "King of Pop" for almost all his life even after he deceased just recently. He became famous through the variety of different and amazing music and music videos such as: Thriller, Billy Jean, Beat it,.......

Today we have a lot of different singers such as, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, and many more.
But no one really can come near to Michael Jackson's title as the "King of Pop" in my eyes.

Justin Bieber, he is a one of today's teenage singers and has had a couple of hits in his young career.
His name is already so famous that almost every girl is screaming for him and won't get his name out of their head.
Something new though is, that a lot of people are already comparing him to Michael Jackson as the "King of Pop" which I can't understand.
What has Justin Bieber in his short career done to even think of comparing him to Michael Jackson, is a wonder to me.

I mean first of all you already have to be a certain age to have made so much music and music videos to even be called by any title.
Michael Jackson is Legend and Justin Bieber is far away from being Legend
So I think that no one can or even will compare to Michael Jackson as the "King of Pop" for a long time.

Michael will always stay in our heads for as long as we live.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Uniforms, you wear them in school, where it is determined that you have to wear them.

You have a uniform for PE and one for the "normal" school day, so you are hardly seen without uniform during the day.

Sometimes you ask yourself: Is a uniform good or not?

Well before we come to a conclusion we have to look at the pros and cons.

What I do not like about uniform is that, because everybody has the same clothes on, you cannot really express your own personality. Depending upon what you like or in which mood you are, you would normally wear a certain style of clothes or a certain colour.

Another thing that bothers with uniforms, is that they are usually not as comfortable as normal clothes. Especially if you wear a tie and your shirt has to be tucked in. You can't wait to get out of them and put some other clothes on.

There are however some good things about uniforms.

One thing that I think is very helpful about a uniform is that you don't have to think about what you wear on a school day. One headache less!

Another advantage is, because everybody has the same clothes on you cannot be teased about your clothes. While in some schools rich kids might wear fashion clothes and feel and act special, a uniform puts everyone on an equal level and takes the distraction away.

Besides all that, the uniform of a school can become a connection between its students. If you are in a great school, where learning is fun and the teachers help you to move forward, you are proud to wear your school's uniform.

You are part of something, you feel good and it creates team spirit.

Although I love the clothes that I put on in my free time, I think it is great that you have those special clothes for school that everybody else wears as well.

That is why I like my school uniform.